WATCH: Oregon Pedophile Exposes Himself At Playground, Fed-Up Dad Gives Him Brutal Justice

A shocking video has emerged out of Prineville, Oregon, where a sick pedophile was caught exposing his genitals to
children at a playground. Now, the clip has gone viral after a fed-up dad served the pervert a dose of brutal justice he won’t ever forget, and rightfully so.

According to the video uploaded to LiveLeak, the shocking incident took place on Monday, August 28, 2017, at a park in Prineville, Oregon. On what appears to be a beautiful sunny day for a family outing, one father nds
himself outraged after his children encounter a pedophile on the playground.The angry dad quickly gets his kids safely to the car and then confront confronts the pedophile. Luckily for us, it was all caught on
graphic video.

Instantly, the dad places a solid front kick right up into the pervert’s groin. It appears that the pedophile’s shorts are
already unbuckled and sagging down before he was kicked. It only takes seconds for his shorts to fall all the way down as the angry father grabs him with one hand and brutally punches him with the other.

“C*cksucker … Pull your f*cking pants up you sick f*ck,” the angry father can be heard yelling after beating the
pedophile. Meanwhile, a woman, who appears to be the man’s wife, approaches to end the brawl as the woman who
is recording the incident can be heard saying, “It’s ok, I’ve seen worse at school. He came back with his penis hanging out of his pants.”

As the angry father and his wife get into their vehicle to leave, the father takes o
his shirt and says, “Damn perverted f*ck.” This father was clearly angry at the man’s sickening behavior, and rightfully so.  After exposing himself to children on the playground, the pedophile deserved what
was coming to him. In fact, some people might say that the angry dad didn’t punish the pervert enough.

It is unclear as to the whether or not the Prineville Police were called to the park to arrest the pedophile after he was
beaten by the outraged father. The video, which was also uploaded to YouTube, ends as the couple get into their SUV and leave the park.

The truth of the matter is that sexual predators like these are becoming more brazen and law-abiding Americans need to be more vigilant. While our law enforcement community is working extremely hard to put these criminals behind bars, the majority of our politicians are working equally as hard to let them out early.

This father had every right protect his family as this pedophile walked up to him with his hands shoved in his
pockets. There was no way for the father to know if he was carrying a weapon, and in my opinion, he did what any
loving father would have done.

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