A video has been uploaded by a Free Burma Ranger in Iraq, that shows exactly why the Barack Obama administration failed in their war against the Islamic State and ISIS.

As president, Obama once dismissed ISIS as nothing more than a bunch of amateurs. A “jay-vee team,” to borrow from his exact quote.

Obama has also infamously stated that ISIS was not only contained, but weakening as well. He made this statement just one day before the largest terrorist attack on French soil.

During the era of Barack Obama, ISIS has filled the void left behind, along the border of Iraq and Syria, when the former community organizer pulled all of the American troops out of the region. Though nobody could have foreseen which terrorist organization would seize power after US troops left, Obama was warned that one terrorist faction or another would do so.

Obama dismissed these warnings because, after all, there’s nobody smarter than him, and the radical Islamic group has been growing more powerful and branching out across the world ever since.

Already, hundreds of people have died over the course of just a few attacks that include Paris, San Bernardino, Orlando, Nice, and Brussels.

In retaliation, the Obama administration claimed that they were waging an ambitious air-strike campaign against the terrorist network.

Despite this, ISIS continued to grow, with their supply routes running mostly unhindered, as is demonstrated by the soldier in the video below.

In the video, the man on-screen is looking at an ISIS convey cruising by, in the distance, and then points up in the sky, and says,

“I’m sure those pilots would like to stop that traffic.

Ranger AI 2

He explains, that due to politics, they were unable to pull the trigger on the targets.

Watch the incredible video, showing what’s really been going on in the area, below, and share this if you think President Trump is going to do a better job fighting ISIS.

Source: Conservative Tribune

Note/Correction: The article originally said the video was taken by a ranger. This was because the man wore a shirt with the word ranger on it. In actuality he was a member of the “Free Burma Rangers”. One of our readers pointed out this error. Thanks for the correction.

Here is some more information on the group.

“A little info on the article you wrote, which I enjoyed by the way. I am not affiliated with this group at all but wanted to tell you about them. That is a guy from Cadence International out of Colorado Springs. They have been providing medical training and supplies mostly in the Mosul, N. Iraq area. The t-shirt he is wearing is NOT an army ranger shirt nor is he an army ranger. Part of their group is called the Free Burma Rangers out of Myanmar, thus the t-shirt with ranger on the scroll.”