VIDEO: Driver Being Tailgated Gets INSTANT Justice After Making Sudden Move On Interstate

We’ve all had to deal with aggressive drivers on the road. Any time we venture outside out our houses and onto the roadways, we come across people who just shouldn’t be allowed to drive.

Australia’s Nine MSN reported that one driver in Little Chute, Wisconsin, got revenge on a driver who was tailgating him by slamming on the brakes, causing the other driver to panic and lose control.

Dash cam footage from 2016 of the entire interaction shows the two cars driving down the highway, with one car only inches from the other car’s bumper.

After dealing with this annoyance for several yards, the driver of the leading car tapped his breaks, causing the tailgating driver to panic.

The tailgater slammed on his brakes, however he quickly lost control of his car due to the high rate of speed. The car swerved in and out of its lane before crashing into the grass verge.

The car then came to a complete stop after smashing into the crash barriers. When the police arrived, the driver received a ticket for tailgating.

Local police warned that “brake checking” or deliberately activating your breaks to get another car to back off, is not encouraged as it could lead to a serious accident.

“Instead of taking things into your own hands, if you’re upset at another driver or you feel actions are dangerous, call us. That’s what we’re here for,” police spokesman Michael Lambie said.

Of course, using your phone while driving is against the law in many states, so it is unclear how you are supposed to turn someone in for tailgating you while you are driving.

If everyone just respected the rules of the road, there wouldn’t be a need for ticketing reckless drivers. Instead, some people seem to feel that the rules just don’t apply to them and will do reckless things, putting other people’s lives in danger.

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    LOVE THIS AHOULD HAPPEN MORE OFTEN,this time driver needs to b crittacly wounded!


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