This is a developing story.

A middle school in Broward County, Florida is on lockdown after reports of an active shooter. Live video is below.

Reports say as many as fifty individuals have been injured. Florida Senator Bill Nelson has told Fox News that “many” are dead.

A suspect is in custody, and was arrested at a private home a short distance from the school. Video of the arrest shows a person in a burgundy shirt, which matched what the suspect was wearing. He is a current student at the school.

The suspect has not been confirmed, so we will not give a full name, but the suspect has been identified as “Nicholas.”

Some heartless individuals on social media are using the tragedy to pull pranks. They are claiming the shooter is a person named Sam Hyde. He is actually a comedian whose fans use his picture as a joke. A number of social media users, unaware of the joke, ate claiming Sam Hyde as the shooter.

The Daily Mail has more.

Police have surrounded Majory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where the ‘heavily armed’ shooter, wearing a gas mask, opened fire with a ‘long’ gun this afternoon.

Cops confirm it remains an active shooter situation although there are reports that a student was seen fighting with the gunman in a classroom.

Students are reportedly barricading themselves into their classrooms.

There are reports that the shooter, wearing a burgundy shirt and black pants, may have fled the school, mixing in with the other students as they fled the building.

Video showed at least five people being treated by paramedics at the scene while students were led away from the school in a line. But reports show that many more were shot.

The school remains on lockdown.

Coral Springs police have advised people to avoid the neighborhood while the active shooter situation is underway.

President Donald Trump has reportedly been made aware of the shooting.

Here is live video from Fox News.