If you’re elected by the citizens, you must represent the citizens.

…you don’t take their tax money and spend it however you see fit, without ever even consulting them.

That’s when people push back. Remember when New York mayor Bill de Blasio openly defied President Trump and then got a harsh wake-up call from the NYPD?

Well, we’ve got another example of awesomeness, and it’s a reminder to all politicians: Your power comes entirely from the citizens, which means those same citizens can strip you of all your power.


As summarized by Mad World News, Vermont mayor Christopher Louras is going up the river, not as much because of his anti-American ways, but more because he did it in secret.

Turns out, he agreed to bring in a hundred Muslim refugees from Syria and Iraq without asking the citizens. These citizens were very much against the idea and when they found out, they immediately held a town meeting.

Vermont newspaper Seven Days reports that it was a “standing-room-only” affair and the people were PISSED.

The result? Louras, who had been elected 5 times, was voted out of office “and replaced with an anti-resettlement candidate.” Even Louras had to admit this defeat was due to his pro-refugee stance.

And it wasn’t just a defeat; it was a rout: 52 percent to 34 percent, which is a total blowout in the world of political elections. Now, Alderman Dave Allaire is in his position and will know better than to make decisions without ASKING.