Russian Plane Get’s Too Close To Navy Destroyer, Look What They Did Next

According to reports, a Russian fighter jet got a heavy dose of karma when it tried to buzz a U.S. warship.

The warship fired a series of warning shots in response, ultimately scaring the jet away. The U.K. mirror

reports that the Russian jet came within yards of the deck of the USS Porter.

This isn’t the only time the Russians have messed with the Porter while it was out at sea. In mid-February,

the military released several photographs of Russian SU-24 jets flying low off the bow of the USS Porter.

Days before that, Russian jets had conducted fly-bys of the Porter—though Russian authorities denied those


“The ship captain labeled these events as unsafe and unprofessional because of the potential for an

accident,” military spokesman Lt. Col. David Faggard said.

This is especially unsettling given that Kremlin officials vowed to take “retaliatory measures” for American

encroachment of their ‘sphere of influence.’

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