Rand Paul Just Made Shocking Statement On Russia Probe – Mueller Is Done!

The whole Russia probe thing was nothing but a big set-up game. Democrats used the infamous dossier to remove President Trump from the Oval Office. Special Counsel Robert Mueller was put in charge of the investigation, but he hasn’t found any evidence yet.
Everybody is so impatient with the Russia probe, and Americans can’t wait for it to end. It’s a nonsense brought up by liberals.

According to Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), the Russia collusion probe is a witch hunt Dems use to avoid acknowledging Hillary’s failure.
When asked about the Mueller investigation and the legislative activity on Capitol Hill, Paul gave a specific answer.

“I think what you’re seeing is exactly why special prosecutor is a bad idea. You know, they’re not doing anything with Russia. They’re trying to look at people’s taxes from a long time ago that have nothing to do with President Trump. “Their mission was to look at Russian collusion and now we’re looking at people’s tax returns. So really, this is a problem of special prosecutors. You give them millions of dollars, unlimited sort of ability to go after anything, and you’ll find that people are going to be prosecuted for stuff that has nothing to do with the original mandate of the prosecutor,” Paul said.

He went on talking about the Russia story and Congress’ ability to focus on important issues. The Republican-majority Congress couldn’t make any progress on key campaign promises including the Obamacare repeal, border issues, and tax reforms.

“I think it’s a distraction. And I think the thing is that, you know, Democrats would have their way. And Hillary Clinton, they want to blame Russia for her failings as a candidate, for being a bad candidate. They will drag this on forever,” Paul noted.

What do you think about this? Do you agree with Sen. Paul?

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