Obama’s Secret Border Scandal Uncovered By Trump Admin That Congress Didn’t Even Know About!

Americans around the country are well aware that the previous administration was happy to see American jobs given to foreign or migrant labor, but new reports by the Department of Homeland Security show just how far he was willing to go to turn America into a migrant labor state.

According to data recently released by the DHS, former President Barack Obama singlehandedly gave work permits to 2.3 million migrants in 2016 alone.

Those 2.3 million jobs awarded can be added to around 1.1 million new legal immigrants and around 500,000 outsourced visa workers who achieved worker status last year. All together, the numbers tally up to about 4 million legal foreign workers added to the U.S. economy just in 2016.

On a side note, a similar figure of around 4 million young Americans reached the age of 18 last year.

President Obama’s inflow of immigrants awarded with American worker status was little-known at the time, and the boost in 2016 represented a 73 percent increase from the years before.

The data was released by the DHS as part of the current administration’s push to “Buy American, Hire American” – according to the title of the webpage in which the data was released.

Jessica Vaughan, a policy director at the Center for Immigration Studies, had harsh words for President Obama concerning his unilateral push to grant evermore work permits to foreign workers.

Obama, she said, “raised the art of bypassing Congress and abusing executive authority to a new level.”

Vaughan said that most people, including members of Congress, “are completely unaware of this third pipeline of [immigrant] labor.”

Reports abound online of American workers slowly losing their jobs to outsourcing and the hiring of immigrant labor for cheaper wages. One man described his story to Breitbart News, saying that even a Master’s degree in computer engineering and raising an 11-year-old daughter hasn’t protected him from mass layoffs at the companies where he’s worked. The Ohio man suffered through three mass layoffs due to outsourcing, according to the report.

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