Nasty NATO Leaders Just Got OWNED By Trump When He Put America First In Their Picture – Look What Camera Caught

President Trump got everyone’s attention when he was taking a photo with NATO leaders from various countries. He didn’t get people’s attention because he said something silly, grabbed someone by the kitty cat, or his hair blew off – it was even better than all of those combined.

Trump pulled the all American glamour girl camera move when he sludged his way to the front of a photoshoot and one-handed a NATO leader out of the way like he’s stiff arming people en route to a 90 yard touchdown.


What was going on in Trump’s mind as he did this? Probably something along the lines of “excuse me, we’re the best country, I’m going up front” as he alpha male’d his way to the top spot of the picture. You can’t crop him out now! Everyone who wants a copy of that photo has the big orange fella in it. Rub some spray tan on your friends, Donald. They might be a little bit upset about this.

While there’s tons of people crying about it, mostly fish face liberal girls and beta male cuckazoids, there’s also people finding humor in it. What else would Trump do in a moment like that? This is his personality. If he’s not jerking you on a 45 minute hand shake, then he cutting up to the front of the line to show his pearly whites surrounded by his bright orange.

Daily Mail says this went viral for the wrong reason. I disagree and think it’s hilarious.

Watch the video:

A Trump moment went viral for the wrong reason on Thursday as he and the leaders of 27 other NATO member countries assembled for a photo at the treaty organization’s gleaming new Brussels, Belgium headquarters. 

As Trump made his way through the group to take his position in the front row next to Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Montenegro’s Prime Minister Duško Marković was in his way.

So Trump put his hand on Marković’s upper arm and shoved him aside. 

Would anyone care if Obama did this? No they wouldn’t. What if Justin Trudeau pushed someone out of the way? Would anyone notice? Nope. Doubt it. People only notice these things when Trump does them. Everyone loves to hate on Trump and they’ll pick him apart for the next four to eight years.

But this is just Trump being Trump. That’s his style. That’s what he likes to do. Does this really affect your day one way or another? Not at all. This will literally have zero impact on your day to day life unless YOU cause it to. If this bothers you, then YOU’RE the problem. I find humor in this video because that’s just something that Trump would do. It’s a Trumpism to say the least. Every President and world leader has their quirks. Accept them or become part of the problem.

Montenegro is not yet a NATO country. Its membership becomes official on June 5.

The ‘family photo’ was planned with assigned positions for 31 people: the 28 heads of state and the Montenegrin, plus Stoltenberg, and the king and prime minister of Belgium, the host country.

Trump, Stoltenberg and the Belgians were set to be front-row center, with British Prime Minister Theresa May on Trump’s other side.

Marković – the new guy – was placed in the back row on the far right end.

Belgium makes great beer. What does Montenegro do? They have some great mountains and touristy areas. That’s good enough for me.

Before everyone gets upset about the baby shove, let’s all remember two things – no one cares and it doesn’t matter. Let’s laugh at it and move on. We don’t need to waste time being upset over little things like this. It’s time for people to stop being so sensitive and stop being offended. If Trump does something to you, personally, then get mad. If not, then shut up. 2016 was the year everyone was offended. We’re almost halfway through 2017 and people still haven’t learned to stop being such babies yet? Come on folks, the time is now to make the world a better place.

Laugh more, whine less, and make Earth great again.

There’s a song that would go great with President Donald Trump’s shoving of prime minister of Montenegro.  Enjoy.


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