KIRSTERS BAISH| Most of us have educated ourselves enough to know that over the years Former President Barack Obama has done some pretty unsavory things. Among the atrocities that he has committed is one that is unforgivable. On more than one occasion Former President Barack Obama violated the Constitution.

During his time in office, Barack Obama didn’t put any effort into honoring one of the most important documents of our nation. Our founding fathers drew up the Constitution for a reason, and it seems there is a reason that Obama didn’t pay much mind to the document. His aspirations always seemed to be to discard everything that our country was founded on. His demands to open up our borders to allow illegal immigrants to invade our country completely went against our Constitution. His illegal usage of federal agencies to specifically target conservative groups violated our Constitution. The man didn’t seem to care about the consequences of his actions. Throughout the eight years we had to endure with Barack Obama in office, we dealt with the Left acting like they were above the very laws that built our country. The biggest problem for us was clear. The Left had a tight hold on the reins of the U.S. court system. This control allowed them to break the laws and create new oppressive laws.

There was hope for us yet when President Donald Trump was elected into office this past November. The highest court is being run by conservatives, and this very court has now issued a repudiation of the reckless Obama administration.

Swamp Drain reported that the Supreme Court has made a ruling that Lafe Solomon, one of Obama’s appointees, served as the acting general counsel for the National Labor Relations Board ILLEGALLY for three whole years. In 2011 Solomon’s nomination was declined by the Senate, causing Obama to thwart Congress and give him the title of “acting” general counsel on his own. The move has been dubbed an “end-run around” the Constitution by Chief Justice John Roberts.

The Supreme Court voted in the matter, ending up with a 6-2 decision ruling that Former President Obama did indeed violate the Constitution of the United States of America. It was against the Constitution for Solomon to maintain an acting agency role following the Senate’s refusal to sanction him.

Solomon was already under attack for violating the agency’s ethics rules previously. He was ordered to leave the position in accordance with the Federal Vacancies Reform Act (FVRA) of 1998 after the Senate did not honor his nomination to serve as Obama’s permanent general counsel.

The majority ruled, we cannot cast aside the separation of powers and the Appointments Clause’s important check on executive power for the sake of administrative convenience or efficiency.”

A management-side labor attorney named David Phippen claimed that the choice of the court illuminates the true meaning of the FVRA.

The decision … appears to make it somewhat more difficult for Presidents to put ‘her or his people’ into important agency positions unilaterally, i.e., without approval of the Senate.”

This stops presidents from doling out these important positions to their minions and supporters. Five years earlier, there was a ruling by the Supreme Court that stated that Obama indeed violated the Constitution for a very similar reason. This was the recess-appointment of 2 liberal attorneys as NLRB board members during the time that Senate was still in session.

In the case of Solomon, he just decided he wasn’t going to deal with Congress at all, which is also a direct violation of the Constitution. It’s frustrating to think about all the times when Obama directly violated the Constitution, but was never called out on it. There are numerous cases of it too. Nothing has been done to punish Obama yet, but we are hoping that will all change. It’s insane to think that Donald Trump is publicly ridiculed and openly hated by so many for making a few locker-room comments, but Barack Obama violated our country’s Constitution and didn’t receive any punishment at all for it. It’s time for the Supreme Court to hold Obama to his wrong-doings, and with President Trump running the show, I think we have a good chance of sticking it to Obama once and for all.


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