Kirsters Baish| There is now proof revealed by WikiLeaks that failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke about insider information that concerned the incursion which led to the killing of Bin Laden among a crew of Canadian businessmen.

Hillary Clinton told the group of businessmen that an intercepted phone call was actually part of the intelligence trail which could be traced back to bin Laden’s compound located in Pakistan. Former Special Ops official Dan Maguire explained that Hillary Clinton showed “no respect” for classified United States information.

You’re probably wondering just who looked into the incident involving Hillary Clinton.

Herridge also made note that the United States government took legal action against former Navy SEAL Matt Bissonnette after he disclosed classified information in his book, “No Easy Day,” but Hillary Clinton has not seen any consequences for her actions.

A federal court instructed Bissonnette to give the government roughly $7 million just for talking about the same incursion of Osama bin Laden. Hillary Clinton was not slapped with such charges.

Why can Hillary Clinton get away with murder and American citizens are left suffering? It’s time for this sick woman to take responsibility for her actions against our country.