CLASH POLL: Do You Consider Barack Our 1st FEMALE President?

Or is that being unfair to the ladies?

All it took for Bill Clinton to be weirdly called the ‘first Black President’ was playing the Sax on Arsenio.

What’s an Arsenio? Don’t sweat it. It isn’t important.

Hillary’s Superpredator comments and obvious racial pandering didn’t seem to take away from that.

Nor did the alleged ‘Clinton-Gore’ button with the Confederate flag behind it.

So if a no-class womanizing white guy can be the ‘First Black’ President… what’s left for Obama?

Seeing how he incessantly ran down white people, he probably would probably NOT want to be remembered as the first bi-racial President.

And it WAS his watch under which we were introduced to the idea of ‘gender fluid’ and shown examples of ‘brave’ people like Bradley/Chelsea Manning. (And other with similar backgrounds.)

With that background, would it be fair to remember BHO as the ‘First Female President’?

He didn’t have the self-assured confidence that is normally associated with the highest levels of leadership, did he?

He bowed and scraped to foreign leaders.

His policies amounted to apologizing for being America, bribing would-be allies, and neglecting actual friends (like Ukraine).

The ‘Obama Doctrine’ is best remembered as ‘leading from behind’.

He habitually articulated his objectives not in the context of logic and facts, but in the context of emotion. If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon. Or that famous tear he wiped away.

Other critics went even further, suggesting that the emotional display showed that Obama is “pathetic, weak and dishonest”.
Source: BBC

(Ouch. When your call for gun control even fails to impress the BBC, you’re on thin ice indeed.)

His time as ‘Leader of the Free World’ was hardly spent as an Alpha Male. We ALL know who wore the pants in that marriage. (Or have you forgotten the withering look she gave him at Mandela’s Funeral after taking selfies with some beautiful foreign leaders, and how the Obamas switched seats.)

Did we say ‘pants’?

We meant ‘Mom jeans’.

But is it right to call him the first woman President?

It might be fun just to see Hillary hate him for what he ‘stole’ from her all the more.

Would it be better to call him the first Eunuch President?


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