The town of Hamtramck, Michigan is a perfect example of Islam quietly taking over towns across America. It’s really a silent invasion…and Americans are just rolling over and letting it happen.

According to The Daily Caller: Female Muslim students at Hamtramck High School, a public high school six miles north of Detroit, held their annual girls-only prom last weekend.

From GOP The Daily Dose

The yearly gala for Muslim girls — a tradition since 2012 — is called “Princess Prom,” according to MLive.

It’s intended to be a safe space for Muslim girls who must adhere to strict religious practices which include wearing hijabs in public and which prevent attending co-ed dances.

A taxpayer-funded school counselor, Caitlin Drinkard, spends her time helping students organize the Muslim prom.

Girls who attend the Princess Prom wear fancy gowns and high heels. They get dolled up with hairdos and makeup.



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