BREAKING! Oprah Just Lost Any Chance Of EVER Being President After Ben Shapiro Said THIS!

It appears that progressives are so hungry to find a viable candidate to go up against President Trump in 2020 that they’re now considering former daytime diva Oprah Winfrey, which would no doubt garner  the black vote and of course the woman’s vote.

No doubt identity politics for Democrats and the media plays well in both Hollywood and New York along with name recognition equal to that of President Trump.

Moreover the rumor of a potential Trump, Winfrey showdown especially after Winfrey’s campaign style speech at the Golden Globes Awards has progressives salivating.

Actress Reese Witherspoon went so far as to compare Oprah to Jesus in the pantheon of importance, that’s how deranged the left has become, even NBC News has given up its facade of being a serious news organization, and is now openly cheer leading for Oprah.

However perhaps a reality check is in order, in that the election is another 3-years away, and President Trump has already established himself as perhaps becoming one of the most significant administrations in presidential history.

Add to that these additional drawbacks for Oprah;

  1. She’s Wildly Inexperienced. This talking point is likely to have little credibility after Trump’s election
  2. She’s as far-left as Obama, and in fact endorsed him in the 2008 primaries. She would most likely be an extension of his debunked economic policies which proved to be a disaster for America.
  3. She’s Humored Conspiracy Theories. From Jenny McCarthy on vaccines to the New Age silliness of The Secret, from initially defending fraudster James Frey to pushing nonsense about the meat industry, Oprah hasn’t exactly been shy about promoting untruth.
  4. She dealing with multiple sexual scandals evolving her sponsored schools in South Africa where countless girls were sexually abused. The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy School for Girls near Johannesburg, was hit with two separate serious sex scandals in two years.In 2009, a series of students sexually abused other students; the year before, a matron allegedly sexually abused 15 girls. Winfrey stated, “This has been one of the most devastating experiences, if not the most devastating experience, of my life.”
  5. Name calling doesn’t work well against Trump. Hillary Clinton tried to define Trump and it backfired time and again. Trump is at his best when he’s actually defending himself. His persona is such that he ends up winning whatever Oprah may throw at him. He’s proven time and again he can handle multiple attacks, and is actually in his element, if it becomes a street fight.

Trump will have one term under his belt, and his first year in office has thus far proven to be an excellent start, despite the overwhelming negative coverage. The President is currently presiding over a growing economy, and historic numbers in both unemployment and job creation.

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