BREAKING: George Soros Killed While Visiting His Home Country

George Soros, the billionaire activist who funds all of the liberal trolls on social media and pays for the anti-Trump demonstrations that turn into riots, has been killed in a small engine plane crash while visiting his home country of Hungaria. His plane went down somewhere in the Alps and hasn’t been recovered, but satellite images confirm that there’s nothing left but rubble.

The Democrats and Soros’ people still haven’t confirmed the crash, but the word came from the tower that was guiding the plane in for a landing that it was his. There has been no radio contact with anyone near the crash site.

The loss of George Soros will eliminate more than 20 percent of the funding Democrats count on for their elections.

One thought on “BREAKING: George Soros Killed While Visiting His Home Country

  • June 20, 2017 at 6:34 pm

    Good for that Hungarian traitor Nazi demon. I rather see him dead including his cohorts.


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