BREAKING! CNN Anchor Just Got BUSTED With Incriminating Photos! She’s FINISHED!

It would appear that phony self-described Republican Ana Navarro is beginning to sound more and more like the Gilda Radner character “Roseanne Roseannadanna” which appeared on “Saturday Night Live,” in the early 80’s.

The character’s trademark aside from her “Brillo hairdo” was her incoherent repetition on the most insignificant topics, and ending always with “it’s always something”

However Radner was a talented comedian who created the zany character while Navarro is simply a hack hypocrite CNN stooge, repeating the same incoherent anti-Trump tripe that her progressive co-hosts indulge in, except they’re a lot more honest then this Clinton loving fool.

Navarro actually has the audacity to claim she’s a Republican who has “struggled” with her vote, however decided to vote for “CROOKED HILLARY” rather then not vote.

She also claims that President Trump has embraced racism, regardless of the fact that unemployment among African American is at it’s lowest rate in almost 50-years, she also claims that the president is “anti-Semitic” despite the fact that the relationship between America and Israel couldn’t be stronger, with the president declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a move that 5-other administrations avoided although it became law in the 90’s.

However perhaps the most egregious act committed by Navarro, in which she just got busted for is willfully editing a photo of the president including members of his cabinet and legislators meeting at Camp David, along with a disgusting hate filled tweet posting; “the “orangey” hues of President Trump and accused him of only meeting with “10 old straight white men” at Camp David.”

What seems obvious from the continued coordinated attacks from the unhinged left is the realization that the presidents agenda is working, despite the barrage of attacks attempting to discredit this administration, beginning with the wildly discredited book by “gossip columnist” and “political troll” Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury.”

This has “fake news” report consumed the attention of the mainstream media, while ignoring the real news regarding the Justice Department finally opening three separate investigations regarding the numerous Clinton scandals, all of which has the potential of multiple felonies.


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